Argentina will be Pioneer at an initiative to position Argentine services in the United States

Our country will have the first national directory in the world, with its own portal within the platform. This will enable the country to be positioned as a knowledge-based service provider in the American market.

Buenos Aires, October 9th 2020 – MERIDIANO, the Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries, the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (AAICI), together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a strategic alliance which fosters the presence of 34 Argentine art galleries and over 600 artists in Artsy, the leading online international art trading platform.

In a webinar with over 200 participants, Juan Usandivaras, CEO of the AAICI, Leopol Mones Cazón, Chairman of Meridiano, and Gabriela Brown, Accounts Executive of ARTSY presented the terms of the agreement. They also highlighted its relevance, as it helps the Argentine visual arts gain more visibility in the international market.

“It is important to highlight that, despite the current situation we are going through, different governmental areas are carrying out joint efforts with the private sector, working together towards the future. Within this new framework, we believe it is the right time to launch this promotional campaign, certain it will have a satisfactory outcome”, Juan Usandivaras pointed out.

Artsy is the most important global online art market, with 3,000 member galleries in over 100 countries hosting the main collections of museums, art fairs and auction houses. At present, the platform receives 2.5 million monthly visitors and has over 130 Latin American galleries. “Thanks to this agreement with the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, we have achieved one of the most difficult tasks, the promotion of local artistic expressions at the international level”, Florencia Giordana Braun, Director of ROLF and Vice-chairman of Meridiano stated.

“This agreement is a turning point for national art. It shows that Argentine galleries can work together for the Argentine art to be recognized as a country brand and to get a place in the international art market. We have wonderful artists: classical, young, modern, and I believe that quality is a common denominator”, Rita Maschwitz, Director of the Maman Fine Arts Gallery, stated.

It is estimated that, as a result of this action, the galleries Acéfala, Aldo de Sousa, Barro, Calvaresi Contemporáneo, Galería Cecilia Caballero, Constitución, Cosmocosa, Del infinito, Diego Obligado Galería de Arte, EL GRAN VIDRIO, Gachi Prieto, Herlitzka + Faria, HACHE, Isla Flotante, Jorge Mara - La Ruche, Maman Fine Art, MCMC, Mite, Moria, Nora Fisch, OdA Oficinas de Arte, Tokonoma_OM, OTTO Galería, Pabellón 4, Pasto, Piedras, Quimera, Rolf Art, Rubbers Internacional, Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte, Smart Gallery BA, The White Lodge, Vasari and Waldengallery from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba will have over 10,000 works by Argentine artists available on the platform. They can be found through the profiles of the galleries at or in the main site of Meridiano:

“We have to start to see the contemporary art sector as one capable of generating a culture that can activate the economy and attract foreign currency. In Meridiano, we

believe that the Argentine contemporary art sector can be a part of the diversification policy of the productive matrix that our country needs to leave this crisis behind”, Mones Cazón asserted.

Officials from the National Ministry of Culture and municipal secretariats, together with the most renowned local fairs such as arteBA, BA Photo, MAPA, arteCO and MicroFeria from Rosario participated in this event. Galleries’ associations from Perú, Chile and Paraguay were also present.

Other galleries interested in being part of this initiative participated as well.

“I want to highlight the talent of the artists participating in this platform, who are available in a growing global market, in a sector with good performance indicators in terms of export growth”, Juan Usandivaras’ closing remark.

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