Argentina will be Pioneer at an initiative to position Argentine services in the United States

Our country will have the first national directory in the world, with its own portal within the platform. This will enable the country to be positioned as a knowledge-based service provider in the American market.

Buenos Aires, October 21st 2020 – The Argentine Embassy in the United States, the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship today have officially launched “Argentina Delivers”: an innovative initiative for knowledge-based service companies to boost their business in the USA.

The presentation was given through a webinar carried out by the Argentine Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello, and the CEO of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, Juan Usandivaras.

The directory and present the Argentine suppliers together with content aimed to raise the potential customers’ awareness of the national capacity and to place the Argentine service companies in a more favorable position to compete in the market under better conditions.

“Argentina Delivers” is a federal initiative resulting from the need to increase the promotion of the Argentine supply of technological services in the American market, as efficient suppliers with creative added value. After assessing various digital platforms, was selected: an agile and dynamic B2B platform with a high growth rate, which currently has over 1 million monthly users. The aim is to present our country’s supply of technological services in this increasingly demanded market: software, fintech, agtech, videogames, among others.

The United States is the main export destination of the knowledge-based service sector, which accounts for 52% of foreign revenue. This project will increase the potential customers’ traffic to the directory and will generate more leads for the companies listed there.

“The pandemic increased the search for quality digital solutions at lower costs, as companies have had to look for solutions to boost their digital transformation. The idea to develop “Argentina Delivers” results from the need to cater for the American companies’ demand and the Argentine companies’ competitiveness; and it provides a differentiated proposal which covers the demands of the American market. The directory and present the Argentine supply of services through digital content, which raises potential customers’ “awareness” of our capacity and helps us be better positioned to compete in this market”, the Argentine Ambassador to the United States said.

“Argentina is recognized for its creative talent with high differential quality. The knowledge-based service sector, the third Argentine export complex, is focused on the

generation of added value and jobs, which has been achieved through specialization. We can highlight sub-sectors such as the agtech, the fintech or the videogame sectors as industries with a high growth potential and market positioning”, Juan Usandivaras pointed out.

This initiative will become an opportunity to promote the Argentine ecosystem in this market, to attract investors, to foster relationships between local and global companies, to give more visibility to success stories and role models, and to generate opportunities to develop new bonds and joint cooperation.

Those Argentine technology service providers which are interested in exporting to the USA can be listed on this directory, by creating their profiles with free of charge. The directory currently has over 1,000 Argentine companies that are already promoting their services through The following are Argentine companies’ testimonies about their experience with the platform:


Carla Dawson, LevDigital

Our company, Lev Digital, which is based in the USA and Argentina, has had an incredible experience with We believe it is “a strategic partner”. We have been working with for several years and they have connected us with high-quality leads from all over the world. We would love to see them grow, as we believe that their value proposal offers better solutions than other digital platforms.

Adrian Savaresse, Simtlix

In Simtlix, we help companies to undergo their digital transformation through the development of customized software and products from our offices in the USA and Argentina. We have been working with for about 6 months, and we have noticed an increase not only in our website views from their portal but also in the queries and quotation requests. We think it is an excellent tool because it enables the companies to be part of a segmented directory, to share experiences with customers and success stories.

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