Discover AgTech’s potential in Argentina

6th–10th August

Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba

AgTech Week

AgTech week is a public-private initiative to explore and share Argentina’s AgTech potential.

The event will focus on creating new business opportunities, showcasing the work of the entrepreneurial world and examining the impact that innovation and new technologies have on productivity. AgTech week also seeks to meet demands with solutions, tackling challenges in the field. There will be forums, panels, networking meetings and the 1st National AgTech Conference will be held.



Make Argentina the leading AgTech country

Create synergies and accessible business opportunities for the sector’s entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Encourage agriculture’s innovation and productive transformation.

Raise awareness about AgTech’s potential and development in Argentina.

Why Argentina?

The world’s growing demand for food calls for improvements in agriculture’s productivity and competitiveness through technological advances and innovative processes that boost yields and that enhance an efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

The Power of Agriculture

Argentina exports 60% of production and is the world’s top exporter of soybean meal and oil.


Knowledge-intensive services constitute the country’s 2nd export sector. Four out of six unicorn start-ups in Latin America are Argentine.

Regulatory Framework

Special laws for entrepreneurs, SMEs, biotechnology, software and the government scheme to train 100,000 programmers pave the way for business in the field.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurial and SMEs endeavours to transform agriculture and the economy.

8th-10th August
1st National AgTech Conference
26th Aapresid Conference in Córdoba, Argentina.

We will discuss with international experts the development challenges in agrotechnology: artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, nanotechnology, big data, apps, Internet of Things, and more.